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Quality Department

Control quality & ISO 9001 certification
for aluminum caps manufacture

Since 2015, our company has been ISO 9001 certified, thus being involved in an organization, traceability and continuous improvement process.

Our principal purpose : satisfaction and conformity of our products. To do it, we choose to invest :

  • A metrology room : we have a metrology room for our quality control service : contour measuring instrument, 3D dimensional machine,  torque-meter, measuring column, binocular, profile projector… We can control all raw material, technical mechanic pieces (High precision), and we can do TESTS.

Metrology 3D-machine reception control
  • Daily quality control : we attach great importance to the conformity of our products, it’s why we control & save daily. Our Control quality service check once per day at least reinforces this verification.

Our certificate ISO 9001 is available on demand. Contact us.

Metrology reception control
  • Are you looking for an aluminum caps supplier, or a new closure ?

    Standard or special closure ? Contact us for a quote

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French manufacturer of aluminum closure (crimp or screw caps) for pharmaceuticals tubes or bottles.
Since 20 years, we are expert in manufacturing and design of aluminum crimp and screw caps/closures, especially for pharmaceutical industry/products : aluminum sealing solution for “pharma”.
We are certified ISO 9001 to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical laboratories.

Euro Bouchage

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